3 more free games from November, but you might be disappointed

    Month after month, PlayStation sprinkles subscribers of its PlayStation Plus service with free games of all kinds. Rewards that aim to retain users, who are often registered simply to take advantage of the online features of their games. Still, subscribers will be happy to hear that a total of six games will be available for pickup in November, instead of the usual three.

    free games, but not for everyone

    Gifts rain before Christmas with PlayStation it seems. A new post has been published on the brand’s blog to celebrate the fifth anniversary of PS VR, Sony’s virtual reality headset. While VR aficionados prepare to welcome PS VR 2 in the near future, PlayStation is making them wait by announcing that from November, free PlayStation Plus games will be accompanied by games. VR.

    And to celebrate this important PS VR milestone, we wanted to give a special thank you to PlayStation fans: Starting in November, PlayStation Plus members will receive three bonus PS VR games at no additional cost. Stay tuned for more details in the PlayStation Plus update in the coming weeks.. “

    Of course, the identity of the mentioned VR games has not been disclosed.. Nevertheless, like the games of October and previous months, it’s a safe bet that the free games for the month of November will leak before their time. The wait should not be very long given the liabilities of the announcements. A generosity that suggests an imminent announcement for the PS VR 2. The new virtual reality headset from Sony should be officially unveiled in the coming months, while PlayStation Plus subscribers are building a small library of free games before its exit.

    And since the games are already there, you might as well buy the headset immediately. A marketing strategy that must delight owners of a VR headset, which can be enjoyed over the weeks as Sony treats PlayStation Plus subscribers with new free games.

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