15 stars who had a secret pregnancy

    Some do not hide, others remain as discreet as possible: these celebrities managed to live a pregnancy far from the attention of the media. The birth of their child has also been a closely guarded secret for some.

    With stars, it’s sometimes all or nothing. When some people willingly publicize their private life, revealing to the public the happy news of a marriage, a pregnancy or a birth, others prefer to live as much as possible these very personal moments away from prying eyes.

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    With the confinement imposed in 2020 in the midst of a health crisis, some personalities have managed to slip off the media radar. Ideal for experiencing a pregnancy that is unknown to the public and giving birth in the greatest secrecy. This was the case of Jessica Biel, Amanda Seyfried or even Billie Lourd. All then confirmed the arrival of their child days or weeks later, either during an interview with the press or on social networks.

    A hidden pregnancy, a baby and a departure

    In August 2021, it was Emily VanCamp (“Revenge”, “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”) who surprised her subscribers by revealing that she had become the mother of a little girl with her husband, the actor Josh Bowman. Always very taken on the film sets, the actress knew how to hide her curves until the end. She was also able to “camouflage” her round belly on screen in the series “The Resident” thanks to the magic of the scenario, the nurse she played having also been pregnant. In the wake of the birth of her first child, Emily VanCamp then announced her unexpected departure from the series, justifying her desire to devote herself to her family after a trying year for everyone.

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