a suspected case detected in the Gers, reinforced surveillance in three municipalities in the Landes

    A Cazaubon farm is placed under surveillance for suspected avian flu. In the Landes, Parleboscq, Escalans and Gabarret pass through a temporary control zone

    THEhe threat has never been so close. After the detection of a case in the Aisne, mid-September, this Wednesday, October 13, the prefecture of Gers issued an order to order the placing under surveillance of a poultry farm in Cazaubon, suspected of harboring the avian influenza. An epidemiological investigation is being carried out by the veterinary services to confirm the presence of this highly pathogenic virus.

    The proximity of this commune to the Landes has prompted the prefect of the department, CĂ©cile Bigot-Dekeyzer, to also take measures to strengthen surveillance in three communes. Escalans, Parleboscq and Gabarret pass, this Wednesday evening, in “temporary control zone”. Signs must appear on the side of the roads to materialize it.

    Nothing goes in or out

    The herders of these villages must submit to a series of drastic measures intended to stem any spread of the virus. No poultry or other captive bird may enter or leave the holdings located in this zone, whether commercial or not. Poultry must be kept confined in order to limit contact with wildlife.

    Feed, water and food storage silos must also be protected. Meat or animal corpses must no longer leave the farms. The managers of the farms are invited to remain vigilant and to report to the veterinary services any clinical sign or abnormal mortality.

    The control zone will only be lifted if the suspicion turns out to be erroneous. If the presence of the virus is confirmed in Cazaubon, the measures will be stepped up.

    In the fall of 2020, the spread of the virus was rapid after the detection of a first case, in BĂ©nesse-Maremne, on December 9. This time, new measures were taken to avoid a disaster, starting with the confinement of animals during the period of risk. But the threat is earlier.

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