Acer presents a 4K projector and screens for all profiles

    In addition to its new machines, Acer is updating its range of screens for artists and gamers and presenting an impressive 4K projector.

    Along with its latest machines, Acer has also unveiled new display peripherals for gamers, artists, or those who want to turn their living room into a true home theater.

    The first of the lot is the new version of the Nitro XV2 screen, aimed at gamers. It’s a 27-inch WQHD IPS panel capable of an impressive 300Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium compatibility. The manufacturer thus claims a dazzling response time of 0.5ms.

    The flat foot seems small enough not to get in the way, even on a small desk. It also allows you to rotate the screen in all axes and adjust its height. There are also the usual features of the Acer ecosystem, namely LightSense and ColorSense, two systems which allow respectively to adjust the brightness and the color according to the environment. The only apparent flaw of this panel: its barely correct color reproduction, with 90% of the DCI-P3 gamut. But in any case, this is not its main objective, which remains to debit frames at full speed to support demanding players.

    The Nitro XV272U KF monitor will be available in November 2021 from € 1149.

    Acer CB273U: a screen designed for artists

    But rest assured, Acer has also thought of those who juggle colors on a daily basis in a professional environment. Graphic designers and other artists can opt for the CB273U monitor, which also features a 27-inch WQHD IPS panel. But this is the only similarity.

    This screen is capable of displaying much more nuanced colors, with a depth of up to 8 bits. It also supports the HDR10 standard which should make it possible to obtain deep blacks, failing to be able to afford an overpriced OLED screen.

    To benefit from these colorimetric performances, however, it will be necessary to sacrifice response time, which here rises to 1 ms. This is nevertheless very correct, and will allow the most geek artists to enjoy their games in good conditions.

    The docking station includes a USB Type-C port that supports 90W fast charging; perfect for quickly charging your laptop or smartphone while keeping it close at hand. It also has an RJ45 Ethernet socket. Best of all, it has a built-in KVM switch that comes in handy in a production environment.

    The Acer CB273U monitor will be available in November 2021 from € 449.

    Acer L811: an impressive 4K projector

    The Acer L811 is a laser projector with a flattering technical sheet; it is capable of offering UHD resolution compatible with HDR10 with a contrast of 2,000,000: 1. All at a very flattering brightness of 3000 lumens. With its ultra-short focal length and its diagonal of 120 inches for 31.2 cm of distance, it should find its place without problem in a large room as in a more intimate space. Best of all, it is capable of operating at an excellent 144Hz; a figure that can even reach 240 Hz as long as it is limited to 1080p.

    It has Mirroring function via Miracast to communicate with Windows devices. Android and iOS users will be able to use EShare. Otherwise, it is marketed with Aptoide TV, a preloaded application portal, and should therefore be usable in standalone.

    Note also that it supports 24/7 projection, for those who would like to use it for a long time. It also has an IP6X certification to resist dust. Finally, like all devices in this category, it has adjustable brackets to easily mount it to any wall or preinstalled base.

    The Acer L811 (UL5630) projector will be available in November 2021 from € 2,599.

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