Alice Detollenaere delivers poignant message for breast cancer research

    On the occasion of Pink October, Alice Detollenaere unveiled a snapshot of her topless on her Instagram account this Wednesday, October 13 and shared a poignant message in favor of the fight against breast cancer.

    As every year, many stars are committed to Pink October. Symbolized by a pink ribbon, this global communication campaign, which takes place every October, was created to raise awareness about breast cancer screening and raise funds for research. A few days ago, Linda Hardy took off the top on her Instagram account to support “those who fight daily against the disease”. In the United States, Shannen Doherty, who has been fighting breast cancer since 2015, has chosen to highlight her hard fight against the disease.

    Alice Detollenaere takes action against breast cancer

    This Wednesday, October 13, Alice Detollenaere also made her voice heard to carry this cause which is particularly close to her heart. Because it is a fight that the companion of Camille Lacourt unfortunately knows too well. In January 2020, the young woman revealed to be suffering from breast cancer, for which she then had to undergo a mastectomy. And if the mother of little Marius is cured today, she does not forget those who are still fighting against the disease. On the occasion of Pink October, Alice Detollenaere also dropped the top to give more visibility to the fight against cancer. A committed shot where she poses alongside Emilie Daudin and Juliette, two women who like her have undergone a breast removal, then shared on her Instagram account.

    “For Émilie, for Juliette. For the others. And for you maybe one day”

    I am proud to have posed for the ‘Tout est pas Rose’ campaign of the Compass program led by the Gustave Roussy cancer treatment center says Alice Detollenaere in the caption of her photo. Before explaining: “Emilie and Juliette both suffered from triple negative breast cancer and are awaiting breast reconstruction”. The darling of Camille Lacourt then highlights the glimmer of hope that is the Compass program, a new therapeutic approach to treat cancer: Today, for women affected by this specific and very aggressive breast cancer, there is no really suitable treatment., especially in the event of recurrence. The Compass program may finally allow them to withdraw the sword of Damocles sealed to their fate and give them the assurance of seeing their children grow up. The model finally concludes her poignant message by appealing for donations, for all women:For Émilie, for Juliette, for their courage to dare to take off their clothes. For the others. And for you maybe one day. Let’s move the research forward.

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