Archery attack in Norway – A Narbonnaise, a student at Kongsberg, testifies: “It is unbelievable what happened”

    Originally from Narbonne, Sarah Vincent, as part of her school curriculum, is enrolled for a semester at Kongsberg University in Norway, a town where a man, armed with a bow, killed 5 people and seriously injured two others. , Wednesday evening. She testifies.

    I’m shocked but everything is fine“. The young Narbonne Sarah Vincent, contacted this Thursday morning by phone, is still amazed by what happened on Wednesday evening in the city where she has been studying since August 9. Student at TBS Business School in Toulouse, she follows a semester in business management in Norway until mid-December.

    Around 6 p.m., I heard a ballet of helicopters. But I did not pay too much attention because here there are often. Then, I was warned quickly. We have a group on the phone with the internationals from the university. One of them informed me that there was a man who had just shot someone with a bow and that you should definitely not go out. I thought it was a settling of scores. But no”, explains Sarah.

    “Even though there was the attack on the island of Utøya in 2011, I thought Norway was super safe.”

    She takes back : “Fortunately I had just returned home. This is not the supermarket that I frequent but it is a stone’s throw from my house. It is close to the path I take to go to university “. The student specifies : “Kongsberg is smaller than Narbonne. There are only 28,000 inhabitants, we quickly went around”. Sarah confesses “I slept badly last night. I looked at the articles on the internet to find out. Among the injured, there is a plainclothes policeman who was in the supermarket.”

    A photo of the scene of the attack taken by Sarah this morning.

    A photo of the scene of the attack taken by Sarah this morning.
    The Independent – DR

    Classes at the university have not been suspended. Sarah was supposed to go there this Thursday afternoon. “But the university informed us that a psychological cell would be set up if we needed it.“. La Narbonnaise assured us that they did not want to go there.

    And Sarah to confide: “It is unbelievable what happened. We had the attacks in Toulouse, in Paris. Even if there were the attack on the island of Utøya in 2011, I thought that Norway was very safe “.

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