Bansky’s partially shredded work, La Fille au Ballon, up for auction again

    By Laurent P. Photos by Caroline J. Posted on October 14, 2021 at 10:43 am

    Will Banksy finish the work of destroying his work …? La Fille au Ballon, which had been sold in 2018 and had been talked about because of its partial destruction, filmed live, at the time of the sale in front of the astonished assembly, is back up for auction at Sotheby’s this Thursday, October 14, 2021 Estimated price: between £ 4-6million.

    Remember, that was three years ago, in 2018 … The Balloon Girl, a work of Banksy made especially on canvas, had been auctioned at Sotheby’s and, with the hammer of the auctioneer, had been partially destroyed, an ingenious system of shredder having been slipped into the framework of the work by the artist himself (who unveiled the deception on the net a few hours later) . The artist thus wanted, by this action, to denounce this system of commodification of works, considering that art must be free and accessible to all. A work that had been destroyed only in part, the shredder having had a malfunction.

    This work, here it is again on sale at Sotheby’s this Thursday, October 14, in its shredded form. A work which, since this act considered as a real artistic happening, has since grown in value … a lot of value even. Its estimated price: between 4 and 6 million pounds sterling, that is “four to six times higher than that achieved in the original sale to an anonymous collector“, as explained by our colleagues from Figaro.

    At the time of its first auction, in 2018, Sotheby’s had qualified in a press release this destruction of “the most spectacular artistic happening of the 21st century“, placing the work in the inheritance”anti-establishment art that began with Dada and Marcel Duchamp“. A work originally done as stenciled graffiti on one of the walls of the South Bank of London. This one had been designated.”favorite artwork of the British“.

    Also note that this Friday, October 15, a diptych of The Balloon Girl is also to be auctioned at Christie’s. A work produced in 2005 and estimated between 2.5 and 3.5 million pounds sterling. As for the work auctioned this Thursday, let’s hope that it remains intact until the end of the sale!

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