“Big stupidity or nerve that has no limit”, Belmadi very cash on the Delort case

    Belmadi says Nice urges African players not to go to selection

    Guest of Rothen ignites on RMC, Djamel Belmadi criticized the attitude of Nice on the Delort case. The Algeria coach says that the OGCN is pushing so that African players do not go to the selection: “Without weighing up, I spoke with the sports director of Nice (Julien Fournier), who called me He said to me: ‘We tell the players that we would like them not to go in selection.’ Whether in Atal (Algeria) or Lemina (Gabon). He has no right, these are Fifa dates. It’s disgusting what they do ethically. They do not respect countries and the African continent, but if it is only oral, they do what they want. I don’t like what they do. Slimani was asked by Nice. Fournier offered him the same thing. Slimani said : ‘Not even in dreams”. Two weights, two measures. Everyone puts their love for their country at the cursor they want. “

    Nice: “Delort is the joke of the year”, Belmadi very cash on the Nice striker

    Very up to the microphone of Rothen ignites on RMC, Djamel Belmadi was unequivocal on the Delort case in the selection of Algeria: “I said word for word what Delort wrote but we call people. said it in the face. It is a decision fraught with meaning. He should have addressed himself first to the press and to the Algerian population. To say that he is going to put the national team in parentheses and that he favors the club because there is competition … He talks to me about the competition in Nice but he does not accept that there is in the national team? “

    Can Delort return to selection?

    “It’s the big joke of the year, an enormity like that. It’s either big stupidity or the nerve that has no limits. We don’t accept that.”

    Come back in a year for the World Cup?

    “We will play under 40 degrees in Niger, in sometimes execrable conditions in the World Cup qualifiers, in a virtual hell and when all is done, the man comes back like a little bride? respect.”

    Bosz encourages Gusto

    “When you can play at this level against Paris Saint-Germain, it’s because you have a good level. But in football, you have to show it in every game. And unfortunately, he was injured. And in front of him, he is our captain and a player of the France team (Léo Dubois, editor’s note) “.

    Peter Bosz’s press conference ends with this answer.

    Bosz on finishing issues

    “When you play in Lyon, your technique is good. We don’t have technically bad players in my team. It happens a lot in the head. At one point, you miss a lot of chances, but afterwards you have a lot less chances, but you score more. We try to work on the attacking models. You have to know what the other is doing. We have been working on this in recent weeks “.

    Bosz appreciates the game of the Monegasques

    “I was surprised that they were at the bottom of the table [dans les premières journées]. They were dominant, pressed well but did not score. They took silly goals. But it’s a good team, which plays well, which presses high. It makes me happy to see Monaco, even when they didn’t win at the start of the season “.

    Bosz: “We deserve our 10th place”

    “We deserve to be there, because we played badly at the start of the season and didn’t take a lot of points. We played a lot better afterwards. We progressed in our game. Bad luck, but we play better. In the end, we deserve to be in 10th place. But we are close to the places above. The matches to come are against teams in front of us. So it’s interesting ” .

    Bosz satisfied with Cherki with the Blueberries

    Peter Bosz on Rayan Cherki, scorer on several occasions with the Bleuets during this break: “He’s an option. He didn’t have a lot of playing time with us, so it was important for him to play with the Hopes “.

    The player had sent a message to his coach after his performance for the France Espoirs team: “I hope to have my chance now at the club (…). Now, we will return to the club and we hope that it will also pay off in the club. J ‘hope to be able to score my first goal in Ligue 1 (this season) on Saturday. “

    Slimani is injured

    “Slimani can’t play, he got injured with Algeria. It’s muscular. The duration? I don’t know,” said Peter Bosz.

    What to revive Kadewere? “We’ll see in two days. I’m very happy that he stayed with us during the break.”

    Bosz’s rant against the international calendar

    Peter Bosz will no doubt have to do without Lucas Paqueta, who is due to play tonight with Brazil for the World Cup qualifiers. The Lyon coach explains that it will be “completely impossible” to align the Brazilian number 10 against Monaco “if he plays tonight”.

    “If he does not play, we can watch. But he plays tonight at 1:30,” he added, before rising up against the pace imposed by the authorities.

    “I don’t understand a thing about that. Three games in South America, with the last game on Thursday night … It’s impossible. People don’t understand anything about football when they do that. That’s it. money is the most important, not football, in my opinion. It’s the money. Not the player. And I do not understand that. What we want is to have the best players on the field. But that way a lot of good players get injured and don’t play for a long time. Maybe you have to put a FIFA or UEFA president coach! “

    Bosz takes stock of the infirmary

    On the return to training of Jeff Reine-Adélaïde: “Yes it is a good stage for him, but that does not mean that he is close to playing. He is training with the group, but without duels . He is on the side in positional games, but he is there. It is already a very big part. We must first train well, progress and we will see later. “

    For Moussa Dembélé, “it will last a few more weeks”. He develops: “With this injury, you have to watch every day, he is not on the field, not at home, so it will last longer”.

    Bosz at a press conference before OL-Monaco

    The OL coach is expected in a moment for his press conference.

    Before him, Tino Kadewere explained that he was “motivated” despite his difficulties at the start of the season.

    The program for the 10th day

    PSG opening against Angers, OM closing against Lorient on Sunday

    OL: Bosz and Kadewere speak from 12 p.m.

    OL press conference this Thursday from 12 noon, it will be with Tino Kadewere and Peter Bosz.

    Several press conferences to follow

    The 10th day of Ligue 1 begins on Friday, with PSG-Angers at the Parc des Princes. On Saturday, OL will host Monaco for the best poster of the weekend. Before that, we give you all the information

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