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    Discover the detailed summary of Plus belle la vie en advance episode 4391 of Monday, October 18, 2021 broadcast on France 3. Alison is lost with the teenagers. Franck is going to have problems for the marriage with Kalya. Camille is ready to die if Jacob doesn’t take care of Kevin.

    Read the full PBLV season 18 episode 4391 recap of 10/18/2021 in preview with all the photos from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

    Camille PBLV

    Camille hears all the bad things Kevin thinks of her

    Find it full summary of Plus belle la vie of Monday, October 18, 2021 (season 18 episode 4391 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the recap of the previous episode PBLV 10/15/2021 is online.

    Alison joined Nisma, she does not understand why Abdel disappeared especially since his phone was found in the grass.
    Alison is worried, she searches the house for something but nothing.

    Kalya has trouble lying to Blanche… Franck reminds her that they are doing this so as not to make Blanche an accomplice. Franck and Kalya go to the town hall for the last meeting to publish the banns. Barrault decides to put Michel on the file in order to unmask Franck / Kalya’s white marriage. He is convinced that it is a grotesque masquerade, he thinks he can bring them down in 2 weeks maximum.

    Michel as civil status official told Franck that the lessor’s siret number is illegible. He asks him to come back to publish the banns with a complete file. Franck thinks he’s nit-picking.

    Emma comes to see Barbara at the Marci, she tells her that Cesar has left Marseille and that he has gone to live in Canada. Barbara is disgusted that he didn’t say anything to her, but in the end she thinks it’s okay…

    Boher PBLV

    Jean Paul will do research with the cameras on the highway where Boher was

    Alison and Nisma arrive at the police station to report Abdel’s disappearance to Boher.

    Laetitia comes to talk to Nebout, she does not understand that Kevin did not have a promotion. Patrick says Kevin turned down the brigadier status he was offered. Patrick advises Laetitia to talk to him because it’s still 200 euros per month more.

    Franck Ruiz PBLV

    The meeting at the town hall is going badly for Franck

    Nisma announces to her friend Leila in high school that Abdel has disappeared… just before she told him that he wanted him to die. Nisma tells Leila that she feels responsible… but Leila thinks that if God he had to disappear;

    Babeth PBLV

    Babeth criticizes her husband for sacrificing family for his job

    Camille hears Laetitia and Kevin’s argument at Celeste. He says he manipulated Camille, “that crazy ***” to make her talk. Kevin explains that he made her believe he was in love. Kevin feels guilty, he ruined everything with Emilie. Camille is furious to hear these words.

    Kevin leaves a message for Emilie telling him that he thinks about her all the time and that he feels lousy about what he’s doing.

    Kevin PBLV

    Kevin is depressed

    Babeth tells Patrick that she doesn’t need a hero in this house, just a father and a husband.

    Karim comes to see Alison to see if she has any info. He’s worried… Alison is afraid this is a settling of scores.

    Karim Fedala PBLV

    Karim begins to worry and wonders if Abdel got into a bad business

    The famous Michel from the town hall arrives at Celeste to reserve from 3 to 6 days: he would like a room that overlooks the square. He wants to do his housework and doesn’t want anyone to touch his things.

    More beautiful life in advance episode 4391 of October 18, 2021: Camille wants revenge

    Camille arrives in tears in Jacob’s room: “this time for sure he never loved me”. She tells Jacob everything Kevin said about her. Camille explains to Jacob that Kevin must pay, he must die.
    Jacob thinks that if they kill Kevin, it’ll get the police going again. Camille insists “kill him or else it is I who will die”. Jacob tells him to take care of it.

    Alison PBLV

    Alison is lost with the teens without Abdel

    Alison feels very lonely, Nisma and Bilal make no effort. Alison offers Bilal to help him with his homework… he tells her that with Abdel he would have had a 15, with her he will not have the average. He therefore prefers to fend for himself.

    To be continued the full summary of Plus belle la vie en advance from Tuesday, October 19, 2021 with episode 4392.

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