Canneseries unveils a list of winners from the cold

    The actors of “Mister 8”, Pekka Strang and Krista Kosonen, and the co-creator of the Finnish series, Jani Pösö, during the Canneseries festival, in Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes), on October 9, 2021.

    By largely rewarding the Nordic series, the winners of the Cannes International Series Festival (Alpes-Maritimes), which ended Wednesday, October 13, prove that Borgen was not just a bang. A few weeks after Séries Mania, in Lille, which crowned an Icelandic series, Blackport, the Nordic series once again take the lion’s share.

    After five days of screenings and deliberations, the jury for the “long series” competition, chaired by actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game Of Thrones), crowned the Finnish Mister 8 and its main actor, Pekka Strang, who walk away with the prize for the best series and the prize of interpretation – this one still being non-gendered, there is only one winner in this category. Filmed in somewhat sparse black and white, Mister 8 portrays a business leader who maintains a relationship with a different man every day of the week.

    Another Scandinavian series to leave with several trophies, the Norwegian Countrymen features a group of radical Islamists installed on a farm, from which they plan an attack, before being caught up by the daily newspaper and becoming, despite themselves, manufacturers of halal cheese. The entire cast received a special performance award, and the series was honored by the high school jury.

    Interesting formal ambition

    The Grand Prix Dior, partner of the event, as well as the Prize for the scenario go to The Allegation, German thriller in which we find Peter Kurth (Babylon Berlin) into alcoholic and worn avocado. Very dark, the series evokes the rape of a child and the enthusiasm of public opinion that follows.

    The People’s Choice Award crowns one of the best surprises of the competition. With Awake, Serbia offers itself a sensational entry into the countries that matter, just after Croatia, country of origin of the memorial and very successful The Last Socialist Artifact, presented (and distinguished) at Séries Mania. Produced with an interesting formal ambition and served by actors with original expressions, Awake effectively tells the investigation of a woman cop to elucidate suicides that are not.

    As for the short series, whose jury was chaired by the Irish Aisling Bea, the choice of the winners is made all the more difficult as the selection this year opposed very different formats, which ranged from the one-minute vignette to sentence, filmed on the iPhone (Dropped) to twenty-minute formats, which place them a few minutes close to the “long series” competition.

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