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    WE WERE THERE – Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine and her chroniclers recorded great audiences in the early evening on France 5. Meeting with a band apart.

    On the ground floor of a building in the west of Paris, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine comes out of the make-up lodge and goes to the “C à vous” plateau. Through the window, we can guess the garden where the show’s dinner was served when the terraces reopened last May. Here, no teleprompter. At the end of the table, the host studiously classifies a thick stack of cards, when Pierre Lescure enters with a determined step. “Hello chef”, he says to Jérémy Viale, the 2019 world pizza champion already behind the stove. “I like to arrive ten minutes before the live, confides the columnist. I love the atmosphere of the trays. Even when I was the boss of Canal, before the live broadcast of “Nowhere Elsewhere”, I used to sit on the set for fun. I love to feel the tension rising. ”

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    It is almost 7 pm and the chroniclers converge on the plateau. Before the live broadcast (followed by 950,000 viewers on average, or the leading talk show in the 19-20 hour period), everyone has their habits. Marion Ruggieri tries to hide her cell phone under her leg: “I hide it to consult it and make sure at 8 pm that everything is fine at home.” Émilie Tran Nguyen checks the news one last time. As for Bertrand Chameroy (whose weekly column has become daily), he tends to “Concentrate by losing focus”, therefore, if he really has time before joining the studio, he enjoys improvising a blind test on French song with Mohamed Bouhafsi, defector from RMC’s sports department. The latter joined the team at the start of the season, as did Matthieu Belliard, the ex-morning worker from Europe 1 now in charge of the newspaper “Le 5 sur 5”.

    “I try to be attentive to each member of the team, including those who are behind the camera”

    Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine

    The structure of the show – extended by 25 minutes since the start of the school year – was worked out during a meeting that very morning at 10 a.m. The editorial staff, which brings together around forty people, is only a few steps from the recording studio. All the columnists work side by side, opposite Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine’s desk. His door is always open. “Babeth is a cheerful but serious and hard-working gang leader”, summarizes Marion Ruggieri. Columnist in “C à vous” since 2011, Patrick Cohen analyzes: “She really drives the show. From 8 am, she can send texts to suggest a particular topic or that guest. It does not content itself with distributing the floor, welcoming proposals and arbitrating. ” Mohamed Bouhafsi confirms: “She has this crazy demand, this simplicity and this benevolence. Every afternoon, she finalizes my chronicles with me, she gives me her opinion so that there is a little more rhythm. “

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    Because “Babeth” is above all listening. “I try to be attentive to every member of the team, including those behind the camera. I know their life, their little blues. You can’t work well if you don’t know each other well. ” Raised with six siblings, she recognizes that growing up in a tribe helps her manage a team. “We realize that we cannot have the floor all the time, and it is not very serious, she notes. It also teaches you to spare your susceptibilities. ” She also recalls that she only collaborated with presenters who worked in a band: Marc-Olivier Fogiel on France 3, Laurent Ruquier or Pierre Lescure in “Ça balance à Paris” on Paris Première. “With these great television professionals, I learned that it is only better to let everyone express themselves and especially that sharing is beneficial to a program.”

    “I’m not sure that PSG is better off than us! We have a dream team, very complementary ”

    Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine

    When we talk about her band, Babeth does not hide her enthusiasm. “I’m not sure that PSG is better off than us! We have a dream team, very complementary, all journalists who have both a tone and an outlook on the news. They had a life before and they will have a life after television. ” The same enthusiasm is felt among the chroniclers. “We get along well, we complement each other. Everyone brings their contribution to the building, because no one can do the wall alone. When we get on the air, we want it to be good ”, advance Pierre Lescure. The two rookies of the season confirm. “We were very well received, there is a very good atmosphere”, emphasizes Matthieu Belliard. Mohamed Bouhafsi adds: “’C to you’ is a family. If people love this show and consider it one of their favorites, it is because there is joy in life and it is an extension of the good mood that reigns during the day. “ The ex-sports journalist of RMC admits that he is “Clamp” when he sees that he is working with Pierre Lescure, the former boss of Canal +, whom he also nicknames “the Boss”. The two men like to discuss football before and after matches. The President of the Cannes Film Festival appreciates this permanent dialogue within the editorial staff. “The average age has to be 27 or 28, so it’s incredibly refreshing. They are like me, they love movies, series, books. We can talk about everything. It is gratifying! ”

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    Sometimes it’s the discussion that started in “C to you” that continues off the air. “The show ends, but we are so good with the guest that the dinner is prolonged, reveals Marion Ruggieri. The projectors are gone, the technicians are tidying up and everyone stays at the table. Sometimes people from the team join us. The guest stays. It could be Benoît Poelvoorde, Édouard Baer or François Hollande. ” Finally, in this election year, if “Quotidien” has decided not to receive any political guest, the gang of “C to you” will not be deprived of it. “We want to ask them questions and do it our way, comments Patrick Cohen. In this program, there is a space that is different from political broadcasts, radio or TV morning shows. We have our uniqueness. ” A band decidedly apart.

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