Does Philippe Etchebest really succeed in saving restaurants?

    Since 2011, Philippe Etchebest has been at the head of Cauchemar en cuisine on M6. The Michelin-starred Chef has the heavy task of helping restaurateurs on the verge of bankruptcy. But then, does he really succeed in saving the establishments?

    Philippe Etchebest effective in Top Chef

    Philippe Etchebest is a huge success on M6 and takes care of several cooking shows. Viewers can find the best worker in France in Top Chef, but also in Cauchemar en cuisine. Since 2011, the Michelin-starred Chef is at the head of the French adaptation of the show Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The latter does not hesitate to intervene in restaurants which encounter great financial difficulties.

    Philippe Etchebest only has a few days to help restaurateurs get out of the woods. He reviews food, hygiene, but also the management of establishments. The Chef does not hesitate to raise the tone from time to time, which often makes the public react. Nevertheless, he takes his role very seriously even if he often sees the same mistakes.

    You should know that you are able to open a restaurant if you do a two-day training course in France. (…) It’s not normal, he said in 2020 in Europe 1. In 10 years, Philippe Etchebest has worked in more than sixty establishments. But then, has he really succeeded in changing the situation?

    A team to help restaurants in Top Chef

    Philippe Etchebest only has one week to take over the struggling restaurants in Cauchemar en cuisine. The chef spends a few days analyzing the management of the establishments as well as the quality of the food before taking action. The one who received the Legion of Honor in 2020 created a new map, offered new material to cook and give a facelift to restaurants.

    His method seems to work on screen since restaurants have many customers who are satisfied with the dishes. Six months after the visit of Philippe Etchebest, these are still open. “Today, statistics are up to 70% success“, he said on Europe 1. However, what viewers don’t know is that a whole team helps restaurants after the show.

    There is support that is done with a company for six months. So, we help restaurateurs, we support them in accounting, in management, with all the advice I gave them.“, he said for our colleagues. This explains why Nightmare in the kitchen is so effective!

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