Draw and pools… A new shock rule for the semi-final

    Saturday evening, at 9:05 p.m., The Voice All Stars returns live on TF1 for the semi-final and promises to be spectacular. “We decided not to stay in our comfort zone, we like to break our habits”, explains the producer of the telecrochet, Matthieu Grelier, to 20 minutes. And to announce the implementation of a new mechanism to decide between the fifteen talents in the running.

    “A few hours before the show, a bailiff, Maître Simonin, will draw lots for five hens of three talents. Neither the candidates, nor the coaches, and not even Nikos Aliagas will know the composition of these hens which will be revealed only during the direct ”, explains the producer.


    The three singers of the first hen will open the ball and will follow one another on stage. Then the public, who will be 100% decision-makers, will be responsible for voting for the one they prefer. The talent with the most votes will qualify for the final. And so on with the other four hens.

    Five artists will win their ticket to the final in this way. A second round of voting will then be launched to allow viewers to pick one of the ten unqualified. In all, six talents will compete for the trophy in the final on October 23.

    “There is going to be some suspense. It’s a little stressful for everyone, including for us in production since we don’t know what will come out of this draw. We were inspired by sports competitions, we wanted to go towards something more raw, real, ”emphasizes Matthieu Grelier.

    A bigger stage

    This new mechanism will not be the only novelty this Saturday. On the occasion of the semi-final, The Voice will inaugurate its new field, the third in its history – the first had been used for the first four seasons.

    “We are starting a new cycle,” says the producer. We’ve been working on it for five months. We wanted to renew the visual codes, we will be closer to a concert than a TV show. »The decor will be more angular, will leave more room for screens, will allow videos to be broadcast on the ground and will have more lights, which will offer more latitude to create scenographies. The stage will be bigger than before. And the public will make a comeback: 400 people will attend the semi-final on the plateau.

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