Driving license: towards an explosion in the withdrawal of points in 2023, we explain why

    After a drop in the number of points withdrawn in 2020, the State expects a sharp increase in the coming years and therefore plans to withdraw more points than to return them to motorists in 2023. We are doing the right thing. point.

    Careless motorists, you will have to pay for your lack of vigilance. According to a budget document attached to the finance bill for 2022, the government plans to send 8.7 million points withdrawal letters in 2022 and 13 million in 2023, as revealed by our colleagues from Capital.

    What explains this phenomenon?

    With the end of successive confinements and “the resumption of traffic, the number of findings of infractions should increase in 2022 leading to an increase in letters of withdrawal of points “, we can read in the document, which also mentions a clear increase in speed in built-up areas.

    The Drivers’ Defense League steps up to the plate

    “With this 51% increase in the sending of letters 48, our governors are betting on a juicy return on investment, because whoever says letter of withdrawal of points says contravention”, declares Nathalie Troussard, the general secretary of the association, in a press release. .

    Namely that this target of 13 million letters sent was initially planned for 2021, as reported Capital. The number of letters sent dropped by almost 13% in 2020 compared to 2019. And new ways of working are not helping. “With the massive deployment of teleworking, the forecast will remain lower than that recorded before the onset of the health crisis,” it is written in the budget document.

    Withdrawals of points will exceed refunds

    Capital stresses that in the years to come there will be more withdrawals of points than refunds. Currently, the number of return letters is greater than the number of withdrawal letters, but this trend could be reversed from 2023 with collection letters (13 million) significantly more numerous than return letters (11, 5 millions).

    So far, 8.6 million letters of withdrawal were sent in 2019, compared to more than 9.3 million letters of return. Ditto in 2020, with 7.5 million letters of withdrawal for 9.2 million letters of return.

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