Emmanuel de La Taille, former TF1 journalist, dies in a road accident

    Emmanuel de La Taille, longtime flagship journalist of TF1, lost his life in a car accident in Paris on October 13.

    He was one of those few journalists who experienced a time now bygone. He was the one who had preceded François Lenglet, even who had paved the way for him, on the path to popularizing the economy on the small screen. The journalist Emmanuel de La Taille died at the age of 89, this Wednesday, October 13 in a traffic accident. According to information from Parisian, the man was hit by a truck in the Champs-Élysées area in Paris and did not survive his injuries. He was considered a media and audiovisual pioneer by a whole generation of French people.

    One of the most famous journalists of the French

    In the 1960s, he became a specialist in nascent Europe, being AFP’s first correspondent in Brussels. In 1965, he became head of the foreign service at the ORTF. For a long time, he was one of the most famous journalists of the French, because of his daily presence on the only existing television channel. It is his career at TF1 which remains the most striking for the general public. For thirty years, he held various positions within the private channel, in particular head of the economic department. As such, he is also known for having created, with journalist François de Closets, The challenge. Broadcast from 1978 on the front page, it was the first economic magazine intended for ordinary people. The principle: one evening per month, making a complex theme accessible.

    A life of information

    Even if he was no longer on the air, the journalist remained an active commentator on French public life. He embarked on several adventures, such as web-tv or podcasts, always with the desire to popularize complex topical subjects. In 2020 he published 1940-2020: From wars to crises, a French journey in which he evoked his memories, of his “war childhood” to his career as a journalist during which it was necessary “knowing how to go to the front line of chaos to seek vital information”. He also gave his vision of the current processing of information, very different from what he had known at the beginning.

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