Guillaume Canet confides in his love life and his relationship with Marion Cotillard

    Guillaume Canet makes a few confidences on his relationship with partner Marion Cotillard and straightforwardly discusses the issue of loyalty within their couple.

    Guillaume Canet tends to slip many biographical elements into his films… but with certain limits all the same! The famous actor and director is about to unveil his seventh feature film. October 27 will actually be released Him, a dramatic comedy he co-stars with Virginie Efira and Lætitia Casta, who play his wife and mistress. And as in all the stories for which he also signed the screenplay, Guillaume Canet did not hesitate to draw inspiration from his own life sometimes. This time, he evokes in particular a painful period with his father. But other elements, fortunately remain purely fictional.

    Marion Cotillard is never very far

    The fickle temperament of the character played by Guillaume Canet, for example, seems to be very far from his real personality. In the columns of Paris Mach, this week, the actor-director lifts the veil on the relationship within his relationship with Marion Cotillard. The two actors, who had not hesitated to ironically stage themselves in the film Rock’n’Roll, also worked together on Him. This time, the actress is credited in the credits as “artistic collaborator”. “EShe did not write on her side but criticized the content or the form, guided me. I liked that continuous ping pong is precious with it“, explains Guillaume Canet who was therefore able to count on the unfailing support of his partner.

    Guillaume Canet of unfailing loyalty

    And when it comes to knowing if the famous interpreter of La Môme could have been a little worried or jealous when reading the passages on the double life of the male role, Guillaume Canet is categorical: “Marion obviously knows that I have no mistress. Unlike my character, I have always been unable to love two women at the same time“, assures the director whose next film will be part of a completely different register, since it will be a shutter ofAsterix and Obelix subtitle The middle Empire and expected for 2022.

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