Herault. Mystery in Agde: a woman beheaded at her home

    Police officers at night
    Police officers at night (© National Police)

    LAST MINUTE/ A woman was beheaded at her home in Agde. Little information is filtering for the moment on this criminal case, and in particular on the mobile. The victim is a quiet pensioner who was 77 years old.

    Horror scene for the emergency services which intervened around 10 pm, Wednesday October 13, 2021: the head was placed on the kitchen table, in a house in a street in the Tamarissière district, below the RD 612. The house was searched, according to the findings. There would be no sign of the entry door being broken into. An intruder can easily enter the property by climbing over the wall.

    Latex gloves smeared with blood

    Research in the garden revealed blood-stained latex gloves, thrown to the ground, as well as rolls of duct tape. Material evidence placed under seal by technical and scientific police experts who froze the crime scene. The house, the garden and the surrounding area are combed through.

    An autopsy was ordered, in particular to determine the day and approximately the hour of this assassination. It would go back less than 24 hours. The nearest neighbors did not see anything, nor sight of suspect, in particular Wednesday. PJ investigators will try to find out what time the septuagenarian was seen in the street.

    The police officers of the Territorial Directorate of Judicial Police -DTPJ- of Montpellier are responsible for the investigation. The investigations are in progress, the author of this act is not identified. It is the son of the victim installed in Essonne and who calls his mother every day, who, worried not to hear from his mother on the phone since 8 p.m., warned police help.

    Video surveillance

    Thanks to a system of remote video surveillance, the victim’s son told the police that he saw a lot of disorder in the rooms of the villa. But, with the cameras, he could not see the kitchen located 3 meters from the main entrance and therefore the corpse, nor the head. These are the firefighters of the Tuesday 34 required by the police station who made the horrible discovery.

    For the time being, it is premature and impossible to establish a link between this appalling assassination and the anniversary of the beheading of Professor Samuel Paty, this Friday, October 15, 2021. And to establish whether or not it is the bloody gesture of an imbalance.

    > More information to follow

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