“I arrived with the hope of playing with Leo” / Spain / FC Barcelona /

    Too late.

    On the return after more than ten weeks of absence, Sergio Agüero could be aligned alongside Memphis Depay or Ansu Fati against Valencia next Sunday. The Kun has absolutely nothing against the former resident of the Olympique Lyonnais or the nugget of Blaugrana, but it is with a view to sharing the pitch with Lionel Messi that he was committed to FC Barcelona. In an interview with El País, the former Manchester City scorer evokes the departure of his compatriot.

    “Do I regret having signed for Barça?” No. Let’s be honest, what player doesn’t want to be at Barca? I would say that most players would like to wear this shirt, it doesn’t matter if Barca are good or bad ” , first affirmed Sergio Agüero before revealing his feelings on the departure of the legend to Paris Saint-Germain: “It was a shocking moment. He was in very bad shape. When I learned this info, I couldn’t believe it. That Saturday, I went to see him at his home. And since he didn’t look well … ” No regrets, but surely some remorse for Agüero. “I came with the hope of playing with Leo and building a good team, which the club was trying to do. When they called me I thought: “I don’t care about my salary. I’m going to be fine and I’m going to help the team as much as I can,” “he said at last.

    A small PSG-Barça in the quarterfinals and we don’t talk about it anymore.

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