“I will play a recurring character”

    While 4.26 million viewers watched it in By your side with Didier Bourdon this Monday, October 11 on TF1, Jarry announces his departure from the channel and joins the public service. In The Parisian, he explains why he accepted requests from France 2.

    The management told me: ‘We want you’. And she offered me a great artistic offer, we have fictional projects. I will play a recurring character. A father or even a serial killer, nothing is defined. I want to surprise, astonish. Three years ago, they had already approached me, just like M6. I told them no because they only wanted to give me entertainment and not fiction. Sometimes I am willing to take on the role of facilitator. I can sing, dance. But above all I want to play. This is my priority“, says the comedian, who will be both an entertainment host and a leading actor.

    Very attached to TF1, with whom he intends to remain on good terms, he nevertheless experienced a difficult period financially at the time of the pandemic: “For a year, I found myself with nothing. Without the stage next door, I had zero income“Choosing safety and signing a contract with France 2 was therefore more reassuring for Jarry, who had not multiplied the roles on the front page, despite having played in The Red Bracelets. On the entertainment side, he had been in charge of Friday everything is Jarry, but also in games released during the summer Good singers and Game of Talents. Without forgetting his status as a juror of Mask Singer, whose season 3 was shot. It will therefore be the last season with the actor. This will allow him to be on the air while he prepares his new projects with La Deux …

    Hugo mallais

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