Immovable. In Toulouse, an agency is launching a fixed price for the sale of 4,900 euros, regardless of the property

    A fixed price of 4,900 euros for the sale of a property ... it's possible, in Toulouse!
    A fixed price of 4,900 euros for the sale of a property… it’s possible, in Toulouse! (© AdobeStock / illustration)

    Already established in Paris, Nantes or Bordeaux, the online real estate agency Hosman moved to Toulouse, Monday October 4, 2021. Its specificity? It offers a fixed price for sale, from 4,900 euros… whatever the good.

    Fixed costs

    One of the flagship measures of this neo-real estate agency is therefore to have set a price of 4,900 euros on the sale of a property. ” These are fixed costs, only to success” , Explain Vincent courtin, the head of the Toulouse agency. “We are aiming for a price that, in our opinion, is fairer“.

    “Hosman started from the principle that the work is the same to sell an apartment of 30 or 60m². The problem being that when you have percentage pay, there can be between 10 and 15,000 euros in terms of commission. between the two apartments. And yet, the work was the same … “

    Vincent courtinHead of the Hosman Toulouse agency

    Unsurprisingly, among customers, astonishment is required and the questions fuse. “When I am asked: ‘how do you justify such low agency fees?’ I turn the question around, and I ask ‘how an agency can justify such high fees ? ‘ », Protests Vincent Courtin.

    He continues: “Everyone has been used to having expensive agency fees. But the fact that we set up digital processes, it helps us a lot in the processing of our tasks ”.

    Led by a Toulousain

    The neo-Toulouse real estate agency is managed by a local from the stage. Vincent Courtin is a native of Toulouse. “I have always lived there. I only spent two years in Paris as a real estate expert. It was there that Hosman cut his teeth. We saw that it was a hit, so we want to expand on French territory ”.

    “We are recruiting around fifteen experts over the next 12 to 18 months. We must be able to adapt to a real estate market which is not the same in all the cities that we will open. Hence the ‘importance of being able to recruit people who have lived in the city. It’s important to have someone who knows Toulouse and the people of Toulouse perfectly, it’s the best way to adapt “.

    Vincent courtin

    Before landing in Toulouse, Hosman has therefore already established itself in Paris, Bordeaux and Nantes. The guideline will be the same, “But you have to know how to show good adaptability”, warns the manager. “From one city to another, people do not have the same expectations”.

    “Toulouse has come out of the game”

    Vincent Courtin slips a few words of context, after more than a year marked by the Covid-19. ” We have one clear progression prices. The median price in Toulouse has just exceeded 3,000 euros per m² ”. For the districts of the Côte Pavée, Saint-Aubin, Chalets or even the Capitol, he notes “an incredible development, we are talking about almost 20%”.

    “Real estate remains a safe haven and reassures the different profiles buyers and even investors “, notes the professional, who believes that the Pink City” has managed to get out of the game. Real estate in Toulouse is ultimately doing very well “.

    “Expectations have changed and we can more than ever meet them. We investigated the Toulouse real estate market and concluded that it is a service that has the capacity to really seduce and convince the inhabitants. we do not close the doors to Balma, Colomiers or Blagnac. We are ready to go and work there because they are very sought after areas “.

    Vincent courtin

    Vincent Courtin has already noted the first lessons. “People are looking for exteriors, gardens, swimming pools. It is typically in these corners, Balma, L’Union, Saint-Orens, that we can find a typology of good that is more sought after than before ”.

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