It could be worse for France …

    Expected in third place in the Fifa ranking, France is ultimately perhaps not so aggrieved by the calculation system set up by the international body.

    Falling back to third place in September following their two draws conceded against Bosnia and Ukraine for only one victory against Finland, France should regain the podium in the next FIFA ranking. Consequence of his two victories against Belgium and Spain in the Final Four of the League of Nations.

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    However, some do not fail to be surprised at this third place for the Blues while Didier Deschamps’ men are reigning world champions, winners of the Nations League and can also boast of being the team that has the least. lost since June 2018 and the introduction of the new ranking mode with three meager losses. The 12 draws conceded over the period weigh heavily …

    But it looks like they might eventually weigh even more. According to the calculations of Gracenote, a company specializing in sports statistics, France is indeed only the fourth best team in the world. It is not only preceded by Belgium, which loses two places and must be satisfied with the third place, and Brazil, new leader, but also by Argentina, which is now second in the standings. The Blues can at least console themselves by noting that they have gained two ranks thanks to their coronation in the League of Nations, to the detriment of Italy, which completes the Top 5 and England, which downgrades to seventh.

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