Jean-Michel Blanquer “worried” about the success of the “Squid Game” series among young people

    The Minister of National Education calls on parents to watch what their children watch while the Netflix phenomenon series risks inspiring playgrounds.

    Guest of Jean-Jacques Bourdin this Thursday morning on RMC and BFMTV, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of National Education, said he was “worried” about the success of the series Squid Game in the playgrounds.

    “In general, dangerous games worry me, obviously. All the phenomena which are dangers for our children and our youth worry me”, indicated the minister.

    “This is a Korean series where the losers of the games are killed,” he adds. “It sometimes causes imitations in schoolyards. The phenomenon has not grown too large, but it still exists. We are very attentive.”

    “All this requires vigilance from all. I am speaking to parents in particular. We must be very attentive. Children should not abuse screens and [il faut faire] pay attention to what they watch, “insists the minister.

    “Squid Game” in Belgium

    The Netflix phenomenon series, which had the best start of the platform, notably inspired elementary students at a school in Erquellines, Belgium, who recreated one of the games in the series. No student was seriously injured.

    Combining social allegory and extreme violence, Squid Game features characters from South Korea’s most marginalized fringes, including an Indian migrant and a North Korean defector, participating in traditional children’s games to win 45.6 billion won (33 million euros ). Losers are killed.

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