Jenifer reveals a very surprising explanation for her failure in the Cross Battles

    After a particularly trying evening for her, Jenifer confides on the unfolding of the last Crosses Battles of Tea Voice. It must indeed be recognized that the famous coach of the show went through a real ordeal when she saw her first four talents eliminated from the outset. A real ordeal on which she explains for Télé Loisirs. Objeko therefore invites you to discover his statements.

    Tea Voice : Jenifer explains why the show’s audience didn’t perform in her favor

    A real moment of solitude

    This Saturday, October 9, 2021, Tea Voice knew his second and last part of the now famous Cross Battles. It was indeed a question of determining what candidates were going to take the next step in the famous tele-hook. Florent Pagny, Zazie, Mika, Patrick Flourish and of course Jenifer held their breath to know if their proteges would finally be chosen by the public. If for all the other coaches, the evening went without a hitch, the course of the show was a real ordeal for Jenifer.

    Indeed, despite the vocal abilities of his talents, no candidate from his team was not selected at first. The more the program progressed, the more Jenifer lost feet. It was indeed becoming more and more difficult for him to accept that no member of his team took the next step. Each time, the verdict was the same with a huge disappointment. During the last Battles, Corsica of origin nevertheless saved the honor with the victory of Amalya which however was achieved on the wire. It must indeed be recognized that opinions were very divided and that the performance of his opponent was high-flying. However, Amalya allowed Jenifer not to lose face and to count a participant to go further in the competition.

    Jenifer: Surprising explanations

    After that last evening of Tea Voice rich in emotions, Jenifer visibly struggled to digest the pill. Indeed, ithe it seemed unthinkable to him that most of his talents, not to say the vast majority, had known such a disappointment. Asked by the magazine’s journalists Leisure TV, the young mother gives her feelings on this real failure. She does seem to know the reasons why the public ultimately didn’t trust her team members. A rather severe judgment on which our editorial staff returns for you.

    In this interview with the press, Jenifer explains that the jury for this evening was made up oddly. She also admits having lacked strategy and takes her share of responsibility. However, she says loud and clear that the public has not been of much help, worse than it has been unfavorable to her. “You had to be a minimum strategist and I was not at all”. Before adding: ” It was hot. It was very special. Especially for the talents who were waiting to return to the stands ”. One way to say that the tension was palpable and the votes really surprised her: “It was a weird audience. They were only intermittents. Then there were a lot more women than men ”. An opinion to say the least decided which would explain, according to her, why this new evening of Tea Voice was a complete fiasco for his team.

    A unique and last chance

    However, despite this extremely complicated evening, Jenifer nevertheless seems to be very lucky in her misfortune. Indeed, if it now has only one candidate to go further in Tea Voice, it is however a true pearl. Indeed, Amalya totally captivated the audience during his performance against Atef. If the singer was really impressive during his passage in front of the cameras of TF1, the young woman simply came close to perfection as pointed out by Florent Pagny. A real nugget that Jenifer will therefore protect like the apple of his eye.

    Saturday 16 next october, all the other coaches of Tea Voice will indeed have several talents in their team while Jenifer will only have one chance. However, this unique opportunity named Amalya Obviously has all the qualities required to go very far, not to say to the end. Jenifer can then be confident despite a real slaughter in her team during the last Crosses Battles. She can thus keep all her hopes despite a rather severe opinion on the audience of the show. A casting which obviously did not live up to her expectations and which she judged very harshly. Objeko therefore invites you to follow the next show to find out if Jenifer and her protege will finally outsmart all the statistics.

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