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    A sulphurous and influential character, José Manuel Villarejo appears from this Wednesday for “corruption”, “extortion” or even “belonging to a criminal organization”. He recorded hundreds of high-ranking people he blackmailed.

    “On my own, I can stand up to the state.” This is one of the phrases that investigators have often heard from the mouth of the former police commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, so much this sulphurous character estimated to benefit from total impunity. No luck: a maxi-trial opens on Wednesday. Along with 26 other defendants, alleged accomplices, the most corrupt of all Spanish police officers is accused of” Extortion ‘,’ corruption ‘,’ falsification of official documents’ and “Membership of a criminal organization”. Just that. But this is not surprising for this mysterious 70-year-old figure, as massive as plump, still wearing a beret, whose name appears in almost all political and police espionage cases of the last three decades in Spain.

    José Manuel Villarejo’s self-confidence was limitless: over time, Cordoba was involved in dark affairs with King Emeritus Juan Carlos, senior politicians, bosses of the main Spanish groups (the electrician Iberdrola, the BBVA bank, the oil company Repsol, etc.) or even senior magistrates. Looking at his case makes you dizzy as all the high circles seem …

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