Laurent Maistret (Koh-Lanta) makes an unprecedented revelation on the food won during the comfort tests

    On Instagram, the adventurer confided in the cooked dishes won during the comfort tests of the cult game of TF1. And surprise, this food on display … is not tasted! Explanations.

    Perhaps as much as the totem of immunity, the food gleaned from the comfort trials of Koh-Lanta, The Legend is the object of a fierce struggle of the adventurers of the survival game of TF1. And it’s not Ugo, who passed “two weeks sucking pebbles on the island of the banished“who will say the opposite. Especially since this anniversary season All-Stars which welcomes icons of Koh Lanta has voluntarily been made more complex by production. There is no question that our heroes will stick to their achievements! As a result, the survival conditions are extreme. Fatigue and hunger invite themselves and therefore have direct consequences on the performance (or morale) of candidates.

    Dishes that make hungry adventurers salivate

    The food – generous – promised by Denis Brogniart to the winner (s) of the comfort tests is therefore a precious asset. Hamburgers, pizzas, fish … this is enough to give the much needed energy to adventurers, before they face the test of immunity. The presentation of these dishes cooked to the tribe often makes our hungry Robinson Crusons salivate. Yes, but here it is, in full sun throughout the comfort test, we suspect that these dishes should not remain fresh for long. This is why it is never the food presented before the game that is tasted by the winners.

    Dishes on display … but not tasted!

    Laurent Maistret, revealed it during a Q&A story game on Instagram this Thursday afternoon: “It is never what is on display next to Denis that we eat in comfort. We are given other dishes once we arrive at our camp.“And to have fun with the famous pizzas tasted by his tribe last Tuesday. Appetizing in the image … but disappointing in the mouth!”The pizza was good because it was cold. But there, she went well. But it was just frustrating to only eat half a pizza“joked the adventurer on the social network.

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