Lebanon again facing the specter of civil war

    STORY – Exchanges of fire left at least six dead on the sidelines of a demonstration organized by the Shiite movements Hezbollah and Amal against the judge in charge of the investigation into the explosion in the port of Beirut.

    In Beirut

    “It was the apocalypse”, testifies a resident of the avenue Sami el-Solh, in the district of Tayyouné, at the south-eastern exit of Beirut, on the old demarcation line of the civil war. “Until mid-afternoon, we could hear detonations, machine gun fire and even the muffled explosion of rockets. I put myself in my kitchen to wait for it to calm down. ”

    What this terrified mother evokes is the demonstration organized on the morning of Thursday, October 14 by Hezbollah and the Amal movement. The procession, in which were many heavily armed and hooded men, very quickly degenerated into armed clashes. “A protester fell fatally injured by what appeared to be sniper fire. It was then that everything degenerated ”, relates a lawyer whose office is located at the epicenter of the clashes.

    For several hours, civilians tried to flee the fighting, the army and civil defense contenting themselves, at least in

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