Monster Hunter Rise: the PC version is available today, all the details!

    Game News Monster Hunter Rise: the PC version is available today, all the details!

    While it has been a hit on Switch (and continues to be a hit, for that matter), Monster Hunter Rise must also land on PC in the coming months. And we have good news for its playable demo.

    It is very simple : Monster hunter has become Capcom’s most prolific franchise. The opus World has become the best-selling game in the history of the company and as for Monster Hunter Rise, released at the beginning of the year, it has accumulated exceptional scores that could well lead it to the top … especially when we know that it will soon no longer be a Switch exclusive and that it will approach the lands of the PC in 2022.

    Monster Hunter Rise: the PC version is available today, all the details!

    Monster Hunter Rise playable demo available on PC

    In the meantime, Capcom intends to prepare the ground well: today same sign therefore Monster Hunter Rise playable demo arrives on PC. Completely free, this can be downloaded on Steam at this address and gives access to a small portion of the title, playable alone or with others, up to four online. Note that an internet connection is mandatory to get started and that 10 GB of free space will be requisitioned.

    In this demo, five quests will be offered, infinitely replayable: first, two tutorial phases with basic training and then the one for the Wyvern Ride. Subsequently, three other more consistent missions based on the hunt for monsters: kill a Grand Izuchi, a Mizutsune then a terrible Magnamalo. Fourteen different weapons will be made available.

    If it will not be possible to transfer the demo save to the full game, playing this premiere will not be in vain since you will benefit from an item pack to use during the final release, namely 20 mega potians, 5 pit coins, 10 energy drinks, 5 demon + potions and 5 stone + potions. It’s always taken.

    There you are, you know everything. Remember that Monster Hunter Rise will be released for PC on January 12, 2022, so sharpen your swords and prepare for the hunt.

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