New Aquitaine goes into a pre-epidemic phase

    In one week, the situation has radically changed: the epidemic of bronchiolitis has seized somewhat suddenly and prematurely in Île-de-France and the Grand Est. New Aquitaine is in a pre-epidemic situation

    Bronchiolitis surveillance indicators have been on the rise in recent days in Île-de-France and in the Grand Est. It is now official, these two regions are in the grip of an epidemic situation.

    Public Health France indicators show “a rapid and earlier start” in the circulation of the bronchiolitis virus compared to previous years. Among the 1,779 children under 2 seen in the emergency room for bronchiolitis, 36% had to be hospitalized.

    In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the surveillance indicators show a certain precocity compared to previous years. The region is entering a pre-epidemic phase.

    Collective immunity deficit

    “The bronchiolitis epidemic could be large given a significant acquired herd immunity deficit for children born after March 2020”, notes the Scientific Council in its latest report dated October 5.

    Concerning the circulation of the virus responsible for bronchiolitis, “the amplitude of the 2020-2021 epidemic was much lower than that of the previous season, with a late start. “

    Consequence: “the level of circulation observed in 2020-2021, lower than usual but not zero, results in a significant deficit of acquired collective immunity for children born after March 2020. This minimal circulation observed involves a risk of circulation of virus for children not immunized last year, as well as for children who will be born between now and the second month of circulation of the virus ”.

    In the current context of the epidemic, the surveillance of infant bronchiolitis for the winter season 2021-22 will make it possible to monitor the impact of the anti-Covid barrier measures still in force, and to study the possible contribution of Covid- 19 to the spread of bronchiolitis.

    Ventilation of rooms (bedrooms and living room) as well as regular hand washing are among the recommendations that can help limit the risk of bronchiolitis in families.

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    Bronchiolitis: an early epidemic that worries

    Bronchiolitis: an early epidemic that worries

    Every winter is marked by an epidemic of bronchiolitis. But the magnitude varies from season to season. Thus during the winter of 2020-2021, this epidemic was particularly weak due to the important respect of barrier gestures.

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