power cut for Leclerc Énergies subscribers on October 15

    By Sylvain Petitjean

    Leclerc Énergies will no longer supply electricity from October 15: 100,000 customers must change supplier.

    “Important. We stop supplying electricity from October 15, 2021. This decision has an important consequence: you must have changed electricity supplier before this date. “Announces the Leclerc Énergies site. The news is not a surprise since the supplier started to warn its customers at the end of August of the evolutions of its offer.

    The opening up of the electricity market to competition in 2016 prompted many suppliers to nibble on EDF’s cake. And even if the incumbent operator retains 70% of French households, nearly 150,000 customers leave the ship each month. Leclerc Énergies rode this wave in 2018, to the point of gaining the loyalty of 100,000 customers around an offer 10% cheaper than the regulated tariffs, or even 20% with vouchers paid to the loyalty cards of its stores.

    But the sudden and significant increases in energy prices in recent months have seriously disrupted the profitability of these offers. Leclerc Énergies has therefore informed its customers of their term, pure and simple, as of October 15.

    A bad for a good

    However, the brand offered its subscribers equipped with a Linky meter to register on a list in order to benefit from a new E.Leclerc Énergies offer in October. But in the end, this cost-price electricity supply project was abandoned. “In a context of unprecedented fluctuations in electricity prices, and sharing the points of vigilance raised by several consumer associations”, Leclerc decided to “postpone the implementation of its offer to a more favorable period” , the retail chain said in a statement.

    A bad for a good for all the customers who could have subscribed to it. “These offers are indexed to wholesale prices, with a possible big surge in billings. They are very risky at the moment, for consumers and suppliers alike. With the significant increase in prices, they are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain supplies on the markets. “

    Moreover, even Barry Energy, the first supplier to have launched this type of offer at cost price, has also given up.

    Risk of cut

    The Energy Mediator provides a comparator (objective and independent) of the offers currently marketed and warns the customers concerned: “if you do not take any action, your current contract will be terminated on October 15. You risk a power cut to your electricity ”. Customers could therefore suffer a supply cut-off, because “the average time taken to commission a competitor, once the new contract has been signed and all the required documents have been sent, can take between 5 and 15 days”.

    At the time of subscription, the date of the migration is to be agreed with the new supplier. And some now promise a change in 5 or 15 minutes.

    In France, there are around forty alternative suppliers on the market, and the smaller ones could experience some difficulties.

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