Professor Delfraissy advises to keep “barrier gestures at least until spring 2022”

    8:25 am: Bolsonaro gives up getting vaccinated

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has announced that he will ultimately not be vaccinated against Covid-19, after claiming for months that he would be “the last Brazilian” to be immune.

    7:56 am: “We must remove the health pass”

    For the president of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, “the measures are no longer proportionate to the circulation of the virus so we must remove the health pass” she said this Thursday morning on RTL. “We cannot live in an exceptional rule of law permanently” she underlines.

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    7:23 a.m .: Compulsory vaccination of caregivers postponed in Quebec

    Quebec, whose health network is battered by a staff shortage, gives workers in this sector one more month to be vaccinated, otherwise they will be suspended without pay, announced the Minister of Health of the Canadian province. . The government thus wishes to “give a last chance to the unvaccinated”, who now have until November 15 to become immunized against Covid-19.

    7:16 am: Persistently congested world ports

    The congestion affecting ports globally and which recently forced several container ships to divert from England to European ports will last another 6 to 9 months, said the British Ports Association (BPA). This situation, linked to global traffic disruptions caused by the pandemic, has lasted “for over a year” and the blockage is not specific to the United Kingdom, the situation being “much worse in China and the United States” , according to BPA.

    7:06 am: No more masks at school in twelve new departments from Monday

    The mask will no longer be compulsory in primary school from Monday in 12 new departments: these are Ain, Ariège, Charente, Cher, Drôme, Gard, Hérault, Moselle, Haut-Rhin, Var, Haute-Vienne and Seine-et-Marne.

    6:35 am: “Keep barrier gestures as much as possible at least until spring 2022”

    In an interview with Le Monde, the president of the Scientific Council, Professor Jean-François Delfraissy is quite “optimistic” on the evolution of the epidemic: “In the coming weeks, two scenarios are possible: either a small wave of the variant Delta, with a contained impact on the healthcare system, i.e. a significant increase in viral circulation, but without major impact on the healthcare system. I am therefore quite optimistic, even if we cannot totally exclude the occurrence of a new variant. “

    And to add: “We must insist on the importance of keeping as much as possible the barrier gestures at least until the spring of 2022. These individual measures can mitigate a possible recovery which would not be completely controlled with the vaccination.”

    Photo Thomas SAMSON / AFP

    6:30 am: A booster of Moderna or Pfizer works best in those vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson

    People who have received the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine may benefit from receiving a booster dose of a different, messenger RNA vaccine, according to preliminary results from a US study published Wednesday. This study, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was eagerly awaited in the United States because it examines the possibility of “mixing” vaccines – that is, using a different vaccine for the dose. as a reminder that for the initial series – which is not allowed at the moment in the country.

    Scientists who spoke on Covid harassed online

    Online harassment, death threats or even attempts to take action … For scientists who have spoken about Covid-19 in the media, the backlash has sometimes been violent. Read our article here.

    5:50 am: “The health pass will not last forever” … but it will be extended

    The French government wants to extend the “health pass” until July 31. The bill was presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday. If the executive has renounced compulsory vaccination, since August 9, the pass has conditioned access to a number of social spaces, such as bars and restaurants. Since August 30, it has also been imposed on 1.8 million employees in contact with the public.

    Although the epidemic is largely under control, the government also wants to protect itself from any reckless lawsuits in the event of a resumption of contagion. “This is not to say that we extend the health pass until July 31”, wanted to reassure Gabriel Attal, the spokesman of the government, just that the government “gives itself the possibility of using it” . He added: “The health pass will not last forever.”

    50.94 million French people have received at least one injection

    Since the start of the vaccination campaign in France, 50.94 million people have received at least one injection (i.e. 75.6% of the total population) and 49.36 million now have a complete vaccination schedule (73.2% ).

    5:47 am: The number of hospitalized patients in France is still decreasing

    The number of hospitalized patients in France is still decreasing, with currently 6,601 people receiving care (-28 in 24 hours). Among these patients, 1091 (-20 in 24 hours) are in critical care services, which welcome the most severely affected patients. Finally, Public Health France recorded 27 deaths linked to Covid-19 on Wednesday.

    What to remember from Wednesday

    • The bill extending until July 31 the possible use of the health pass was presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday. “We accept our refusal of medical disarmament,” commented government spokesman Gabriel Attal.
    • The Scientific Council considers, on this subject, that the authorities “must retain over time a legal capacity to act in the event of a new epidemic wave during the coming months”.
    • The appeal of a hospital employee refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19, who challenged the suspension of her contract and the payment of her salary.
    • Reunion Island will emerge from the state of health emergency that was declared on July 13 due to the increased circulation of the coronavirus.

    5:45 am: Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream dedicated to the news of the Covid-19 pandemic in France and around the world.

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