Queen Elisabeth II appears in public with a cane, her state of health worried (PHOTO)

    This Tuesday, October 12, the Queen of England went out in public with her cane to help her walk. An event rare enough to be reported.

    This year 2021 has been complicated for the Queen of England. As her husband would soon turn 100, Prince Philip passed away early last spring, leaving alone the one who had been his wife for 74 years. Recently widowed, the monarch was able to count on the support of other members of her family, and even of Prince Harry who came from Los Angeles to attend the funeral, in an attempt to remain dignified. But even though, queen elisabeth ii is tired. Tired of her age (95 years old !!), of the health crisis and of this complicated year. So much so that during his last public appearance, she decided to go out with an accessory that did not go unnoticed.

    A question of comfort

    On this balmy autumn day, Prince Charles’ mother went to a celebration at Westminster Abbey to mark the centenary of the Royal British Legion, a support organization for soldiers and veterans of the British Army. Dressed in a blue ensemble, coat and matching hat, one detail drew the attention … his cane. And according to the Daily Mail, the sovereign explained using it to be more comfortable, a question of “comfortIn 2004, the latter had briefly appeared with a cane after undergoing knee surgery, but since then, it is a healthy and always smiling Elisabeth II who greeted the crowd that came to cheer her.

    Buckingham Palace does not wish to react

    Moreover, to access the abbey, the Queen of England did not want to use the main entrance, but took another entrance to shorten his journey. And for 68 years, all its releases have been analyzed in great detail. So when she goes out in the street with this new accessory, the media and specialists of the monarchy wonder why and worry about her state of health. However, faced with these questions, Buckingham Palace did not wish to comment on the subject.

    Arthur Edwards / AP / SIPA

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