Risk factors for breast cancer

    We now know that several factors increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Here are which ones.

    Breast cancer: what is it?

    There are various types of breast cancer, but all are due to a mutation in breast cells which turn into malignant tumor.

    Indeed, the Ruban Rose association, a major player in the fight against breast cancer and the October Rose campaign, specifies that “ the malignant cells multiply in a disordered way first in the ducts of the mammary gland then until creating a tumor which destroys the breast. Cancer cells can then spread throughout the body: they are then metastases “.

    Risk factors for breast cancer

    Multifactorial disease, breast cancer is not not related to a single cause or trigger, but to several factors that can increase the risks of its development.

    Certain risk factors are also known:

    • Age and gender ;
    • Family, personal and genetic predispositions ;
    • Lifestyle (alcohol, tobacco, overweight…).

    Knowing your risk factors is essential in order to take precautions. Of course, carrying out regular examinations and screenings is also essential, because when it is detected early, this cancer is cured in 9 out of 10 cases.

    In an infographic, the Center for Women’s Surgery in Paris, lists and explains how these factors increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

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