the government claims its “refusal” to disarm

    If the health situation continues to improve, the health pass can be adapted “from the next few weeks” or even be suspended completely, said Gabriel Attal on Wednesday.

    The government wants to keep a free hand in the event of a resurgence of the epidemic. This Wednesday, October 13, a “bill on various health vigilance provisionsWas presented by Jean Castex to the Council of Ministers. “If the improvement of the health situation is now proven, the risk of an epidemic rebound remains real, while the virus continues to circulate strongly on a global scale, and with the approach of the winter period, favorable to an acceleration. viral circulation», Explains the executive in the Council report.

    This context does not allow us to consider immediately the lifting of preventive health measures on the metropolitan territory.“, We also read, while the health pass should normally disappear on November 15. The government therefore wants to extend several measures, in order to conserve weapons in the event of the emergence of a variant or deterioration of the health situation.

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    The bill will therefore propose to extend until “July 31, 2022“Several provisions aimed at fighting the epidemic, including”supervision of the activity of establishments open to the public (ERP) and the health pass“. The possibility of declaring the health emergency regime by decree will also be extended until the same date.

    The text will also propose to strengthen sanctions against “health pass fraud», Both against establishments and persons providing false documents or those using them. Health insurance may also “check the vaccination contraindication certificates” and the “health schools»Will be able to verify compliance with the vaccination obligation by their students.

    According to information from World , the text of the law will then be examined in the National Assembly on Wednesday, October 19. It was slightly amended after its passage in the Council of State to include the presentation by the government of a “report“To Parliament, taking stock of the measures taken and”specifying the reasons for maintaining some of them, if applicable“. This assessment must take place at least three months after the publication of the law, and “no later than February 28, 2022», Date of the end of the parliamentary session.

    “The epidemic is not yet behind us”

    Speaking at the exit of the Council of Ministers, the government spokesman warned that the epidemic was “not behind us yet“. “This vigilance, we assume it […]. We accept our refusal of a health disarmament which would be more than precipitated, in the face of an epidemic which has surprised us so many times», Said Gabriel Attal. But, he said, the text simply extends the possibility of having recourse to these measures, and not their application. “We can, if and only if necessary, supervise the activity of establishments open to the public and require the health pass.Or declare a state of health emergency.

    Gabriel Attal also returned to the vaccine booster campaign, calling on eligible French people to receive their additional dose as soon as possible. The executive is vigilant on this issue, believing that the current pace is too low: in a month and a half, only 1.6 million injections have been administered, according to the Ministry of Health. The booster dose is still not required to validate the health pass: “This is not the case today», Recalled the spokesperson, suggesting that the situation could evolve.

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    A bad time to spend

    This text is already arousing strong criticism, in particular among parliamentarians who refuse to be left with the subject. “There is no question of giving a blank check until July 31, 2022, it must be under the control of Parliament“, Thundered Tuesday on Franceinfo the President of the Senate Gérard Larcher. “This means that, in February, we will have to discuss again the continuation of the process of exiting the emergency.“, He added, denouncing”an attack on individual and collective freedoms“.

    Lashing out at the “outrage professionals“And the individuals who made”of the epidemic their goodwill“Gabriel Attal wanted to be reassuring on Wednesday. “The possible measures should not be confused with the measures applied», He underlined. The text “does not provide for the health pass for life […]. We don’t have a QR code fetish“, He assured. And, if the health situation continues to improve, the health pass can be adapted “in the next few weeks», See being suspended completely.

    Received by videoconference Tuesday by Jean Castex, during a parliamentary liaison committee, the deputies Jean-Christophe Lagarde (UDI and Independents) and Sébastien Jumel (communist) announced their opposition to such a delay without consulting Parliament. Same tone among senators who have meant that “debate“At the Luxembourg Palace”was going to be played on Parliament’s Control SquareAccording to a participant in the meeting.

    After having hesitated to introduce a review clause in Parliament in the first quarter of 2022, the majority calculated that “whatever we do the oppositions will scream“. “And if we approach the election they will yell louder. For us it will be a bad time to go but it’s not a big deal“, Says a relative of the president.

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