The Nets take a second big decision on Kyrie Irving!

    Suspended until further notice, Kyrie Irving may not play the entire season. A possible scenario, even probable if he does not change his mind. As a result, the Nets have just made a second big decision, which could turn the market upside down.

    At the Nets, it must be difficult to focus for the coming season, whether you are a player or a fan. The soap opera Kyrie Irving continues to pop the screen, since he refuses to be vaccinated. We have known that for weeks. What has changed is that the leaders have decided to stick a suspension, while waiting for a change of situation.

    We can see it as a punishment, even if the leader has just broken out of the silence. In a live Instagram this Wednesday evening, he decided to share the reasons behind his position. We understand better why he does this, even if some fans do not approve of this decision. At least we know the whole story.

    Kyrie Irving to lose $ 200 million from vaccine

    However, there are still some important news to consider. This is the case with contract extension, since Irving could extend his adventure with the Nets, beyond 2022. That will not happen, Brooklyn having decided to withdraw from the negotiations. The deal could go up to $ 186 million over 5 years.

    He was prepared to sacrifice, in the end, $ 16 million in salary for the coming year, and $ 186 million for the extension, which the Nets are not going to offer him now.

    Irving was set to make almost $ 36 million for the season. Without playing, he will get “only” $ 19 million. GM Sean Marks has confirmed his player will only lose money in home games. The expansion is also canceled, which means the bill climbs to over $ 200 million for the leader. It does not matter to the person concerned, since he is not doing it for the money, but still.

    This decision is major, since it means that Kyrie will be potentially free in 2022. He will have to refuse his option, which is possible if he disagrees with his franchise. Of course, he can extend his lease in a year and come to an agreement, but let’s say the trend is not in that direction so far.

    Ready to fight for his convictions, Kyrie Irving will not play for the season. It will cost him a large sum of money, and a pending future for the NBA. We hope for the leader that he will not regret all that.

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