The Rolling Stones no longer play “Brown Sugar” on stage in the United States, accused of racism

    The Rolling Stones have deleted their legendary hit for their American tour Brown sugar, whose lyrics evoke slavery, but which have long been accused of racism. “You noticed that eh?“, answered, a bit enigmatic, Keith Richards, the guitarist of the British group, in a recent article of the Los Angeles Times, where one asks him why the song is not any more on the list of the songs played during their tour which started on September 26, a month after the death of their drummer Charlie Watts.

    I try to understand with others where the problem is. Does anyone understand that this is a song about the horrors of slavery? But they want to bury him. At the moment, I don’t want a conflict with all this m …“, added Keith Richards, quoted by the Californian daily.

    However, the 77-year-old guitarist adds: “hope we can resuscitate the baby one dayAnd singer Mick Jagger adds: “we played Brown sugar every night since 1970, so sometimes we say to ourselves we will remove it for now and see what it looks like (…). We could put it back“.

    Released in 1971, Brown sugar, one of the most famous tracks of the “Stones”, is about slavery, sex and drugs, through images of whipped women and men who take advantage of it to satisfy their fantasies. In recent years, critics have been heard more and more against the song, judged “racist“. In 2015, Brown sugar was described as “rude, sexist and astoundingly violent for black women“, in a New York Magazine article.

    In 1995, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Mick Jagger conceded that he would “never wrote this song today“.”I would probably have censored myself (…) God knows what I’m talking about in this song. It’s such a mess. All the most obscene subjects in one fell swoop“.

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