The special 4TB hard drive for PS4 and PS5 on sale before Black Friday

    Good plan news The special 4TB hard drive for PS4 and PS5 on sale before Black Friday

    Amazon is currently offering a great discount on this special PlayStation external hard drive designed to store games! Gone are the days when you had to remove games to install new ones! In addition, with this hard drive, you take 4TB of storage with you! And with this reduction, we tell ourselves that Black Friday is not very far away.

    The games gain in complexity, but also in size! Indeed, which says deeper gameplay, more detailed graphics, more developed AI also means more massive games. And with a console whose memory is not expandable, that also means you have to make a choice. But that’s a thing of the past with this external hard drive from Seagate! Offered at around 100 €, it takes 4 TB of storage memory with it.

    Buy the Hard Drive for PlayStation 4TB at 103 € at Amazon

    The PlayStation 4, like the PlayStation 5, provides access to a growing library of games every day. However, for all players it also means that at some point there is going to be a need to make a choice.

    The latter comes down to this question: “Which game do I need to remove to install this update / new game?”. Particularly cruel question, because it means that if you want to go back to your old game, you will have to re-download the entire game and delete another game to make way for it.

    A real snake that bites its tail, there is a simple solution: this external hard drive from Seagate. Indeed, the latter has been designed specifically for use on a PS4 or a PS5.

    Connoisseurs may even notice that Seagate’s hard drive takes the colors of the famous PlayStation 2, one of the best-selling consoles of all times.

    A Black Friday essential: the Seagate Game Drive for PS4 4TB

    Carrying with it 4TB of storage, this hard drive is able to store over 100 games. Thus, you will no longer have to worry about knowing whether such an update will force you to delete games, or even if such a game will ask you to delete such items from your game library.

    Easy to install, just connect it to your console with the supplied cord, and then you just have to follow the instructions to be able to install the games and launch your games from this hard drive.

    Note: on PS5, you will only be able to store games, you will not be able to launch them from the hard drive. To be able to benefit from a memory extension, we can only encourage you to fall back on a SSD and on this item which shows you the approach to adopt.

    Buy the Hard Drive for PlayStation 4TB at 103 € at Amazon

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