this unexpected proposal from Jean-Luc Reichmann after his elimination

    If Bruno was eliminated from 12 midday shots, Jean-Luc Reichmann does not intend to forget it and he would have even made him a proposal …

    The biggest winner of12 midday shots, Bruno eliminated on October 5, but he will remain the big winner who marked the show during weeks.

    Bruno eliminated from 12 noon shots

    Bruno left the general culture show after 252 victories on his counter and with a jackpot amounting to 1,026,107 euros made up of 700,000 euros in winnings and 325,807 in gifts. With these numbers, Bruno broke all records and his score will go down in history. On October 5, he was beaten by Loris, a 20-year-old medical student in Montpellier.

    But Bruno was not a bad player and after his elimination he wished his successor on the show: “All good things come to an end and Loris, I hope you go super far and I am sure you will do well. ” He also explained that he was not going to rehash this defeat for several months. “My only worry was to have regrets after my elimination. There, I don’t have any“, he then added. If Bruno is no longer every noon on the set of the show, he is still in the memories of the fans and, and this, for a very long time to come.

    Jean-Luc Reichmann’s proposal

    By dint of rubbing shoulders with certain candidates for many weeks, Jean-Luc Reichmann has become particularly close to some of them. This is the case for Bruno and that is why the presenter made him a nice proposal. “He gave me his number. He told me that if I had any proposals, I shouldn’t hesitate to call him to benefit from his advice and his knowledge of the environment “, told the show’s big winner in an interview for Gala.

    He also saw my relatives on video for a long time and sent me messages to them“, Bruno then added to show the goodwill of the presenter. No doubt: by leaving this program and with such a record, the big winner will have many opportunities!

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