what he (really) thinks of Jenifer

    Nikos was a very young animator when he took the helm of Star Academy in 2001, and met Jenifer. Since their paths crossed, the duo have never left each other. The presenter of The Voice confided unvarnished about his relationship with the singer …

    Declaration of friendship. Since their first meeting in 2001 on the plateau de la star Academy, Nikos Aliagas and Jenifer never let go. The 52-year-old host and 39-year-old singer appear to have woven unwavering bonds. While the duo currently appear onscreen on the show The Voice: All Stars broadcast on Saturday evening on TF1, the emblematic host of the channel spoke in the columns of Leisure TV on his faithful relationship of friendship that he has with the singer for 20 years. “At a glance, we understand each other. We know each other so well that we don’t even need to talk to each other to know what the other is thinking or feeling. I sincerely consider her as my daughter“, he confided with tenderness.
    Very proud of the career of Aaron’s mother (17 years old), of Joseph (7 years old), and of a little boy born last May from his union with her husband Ambroise Fieschi, Nikos Aliagas has not stopped to express admiration, adding: “She understood everything about this job, she survived everything, she traces her path. She is an exceptional woman“.

    Jenifer angry: why she threatened to leave the set

    If Jenifer arouses the admiration of the public and his peers since the beginning of his career, words spoken on Saturday, October 9 in the program The Voice: All Stars earned him some disappointments.
    Accustomed to the program for many years, the artist did not live the period of cross-battles. And for good reason, in his team, only Amalya qualified for the rest of the adventures.

    The coach therefore had to give up your Al.hy crush, eliminated against Flo Malley. A situation in which the interpreter of Give me time did not expect and that had not failed to make her react. I am shocked. I’m leaving the show. I do not continue. Frankly, I’m a little confused“, she had launched distraught.
    Later the singer regretted her words, apologizing immediately to Flo Malley: “I adore you Flo, I absolutely shouldn’t react like this. But I am in the most total misunderstanding. I am extremely disappointed. Extremely disappointed to have seen them sing together, I didn’t actually see them singing together“.
    For TV-Leisure, the young woman returned to the cross-battles episode, questioning her tactics. “You had to be a minimum strategist and I was not at all“, she confessed. Will the emblematic coach of The Voice make up for it with the semi-finals?

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