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Mike Ybarra of Xbox criticizes journalists in his defense of Anthem

Anthem will be in two days for all platforms, but EA Premier Access members on PC and EA Origin Access on Xbox One already have access to the new Bioware game. One of the people...

The Division 2 with reservations above those of the first

The Division 2 with reservations above those of the first The Division 2 is one of the great releases of early 2019 and the enthusiasm of the players has helped Ubisoft break records. As revealed to...

Far Cry New Dawn wins “fake” trailer starring Pepê and Neném

https://youtu.be/3AwEghqoiqs Far Cry New Dawn won a "fake" trailer, starring the Pepê and Nenémtwinsas Mickey and Lou, the villains of the post-apocalyptic game. Entirely narrated in Portuguese, in the voice of Felipe Nobre, the live-action video talks about the rebirth of life after the Far...
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The Ghost Survivors DLC Is Dropping Remake Of Resident Evil 2 Today

For gamers like you, we are apparently updating you about the remake of Resident Evil 2 is ready to play with popularity on February 15 Yesterday, Capcom revealed that DLC ‘s remake of Resident Evil...
Astral Chain

Platinum Games Crime-Fighting Action Game Astral Chain Is For Nintendo Switch

Too Futuristic Action Adventure Game In 2019 With many ongoing gaming updates and news from Nintendo, one more is in the queue gamers worldwide. As in newest company is all ready to release its one...
The Legend Of Zelda

The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake Is All Announced From Nintendo Franchise

The Beloved GamePlay Is Ready To Switch Adventure For Gamers Hey, Gamers let us update you with a one of the biggest news from the Nintendo Direct, that Zelda video game is all coming back...