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Caught for theft qualified, two belonged to the band “The Smartphone” – Extra Boyacá

Caught for theft qualified, two belonged to the band "The Smartphone" Extra BoyacáIn the municipality of Cimitarra, Santander, and in the neighborhood Uribe Vélez de Quibdó materialized a few catches, and the other...
Harry Potter Wizards

Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Portal Keys, Golden Keys And Silver Keys

The Portal Keys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite are essentially the equivalent of the Pokémon Go Eggs.As in Harry Potter, opening one will transport you to a new location, with the game presenting you unique scenes,...

Fortnite Revenues Down 38% From Last Year

According to a new SuperData report detailing the most profitable games of the month of May 2019, Fortnite recorded a significant drop in revenue compared to previous years.The mega-hit Epic Games has amassed $ 203 million in...

10 Best Android Apps 2019

In Android, we can enjoy great applications, of great quality, with good designs and useful functionalities. However, when choosing 10 of the best applications for Android, this is our selection: Nova LauncherThe launcher par excellence cannot...