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Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 Receives Images With Wuying Ren

YS Net introduced two more Shenmue 3 images.While waiting for the game presentation at the Monaco Anime Game International Conference, which will take place on March 9, two pictures were presented to satiate your...

Youtuber On EA’s Blacklist After Criticizing Anthem

Youtuber On EA's Blacklist After Criticizing Anthem Electronic Arts did not like what a Youtuber had to say about Anthem and decided to remove it from their "EA Gamechangers" show. Mike Ybarra of the Xbox criticized...

The Legend Of Zelda Celebrates 33 Years

The Legend Of Zelda Celebrates 33 YearsIt was on February 21, 1986, that one of the biggest references in this industry arrived in stores.After long months in development. The team led by Shigeru Miyamoto...

Dead Or Alive 6 Promotes Demo With A New Trailer

Dead or Alive 6 is ready to receive a new demo.Before launching on March 1st, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja give you the opportunity to play the new sensual fighter in a demo with...

Fortnite Reaches A Peak Of 7.6 Million Players At The Same Time

Despite the competition from Apex Legends, Fortnite remains a highly popular game. The proof is the latest data shared by Epic Games, which confirm a new record of players simultaneously.Epic Games told Variety that it registered 7.6...
Halo TV Series

Halo TV Series Will Have Director Who Worked On Black Mirror

Halo TV Series Will Have Director Who Worked On Black Mirror After losing its executive director in late 2018 the Halo television series finally won a director:  Otto Bathurst. Who has previously worked on the first episode...

Red Dead Online Will Be Updated With New Modes And Weapons

Rockstar makes great news. Rockstar Games announced that the first major update of Red Dead Online will arrive on February 26th.As revealed by the company, this update will implement new Freem Roam events, Showdown modes,...

Lost Planet Trilogy Is Retro-Compatible With Xbox One

 Microsoft has announced four more Xbox 360 games retro-compatible with Xbox One.If you're a fan of Capcom's Lost Planet series, you'll be happy to know that you can already play the trilogy on Xbox...

Epic Games Removes Youtube’s Fortnite Advertising Due To The Sexual Exploitation Of Children

Google and Youtube are back under fire.After the platform's algorithm unfairly erases a GO Pokémon account with harmless content, it has been discovered that there are several videos involving minors that inadvertently place children in...